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#Goals: Defining your purpose in HEMA

with Marie Meservy, MD

Bio: Marie is a physician with a Psychology degree and long-time passion for sports and performance coaching. Her sports psychology workshop series, part of the Noble Science Academy's "HEMA For Life" initiative, will be continued each year at Fraufecht.

Description: This science-based interactive workshop will help you to set effective goals, clarify your calling, and become your best self in HEMA.

Equipment: None

with Rashelle DeBolt

Bio: Rashelle DeBolt is an instructor of longsword, broadsword, and saber at the Northern Nevada chapter of the Noble Science Academy and is ranked #1 ranked fencer in the world in Women’s Longsword. She began her study of Historical European Martial Arts in 2019 and has rapidly developed a masterful skill in the wrapons she studies.

Description: This course is an introduction to British Broadsword. The British broadsword is a defensive weapon. Because of the attached basket, the attacker is able to maintain relative safety while maintaining cover as they attack their opponent. In this class, we will be going over the ideal cutting and parrying form when using the baskethilted broadsword in the British system as written by Rowerth.


Equipment: A limited number of synthetic broadswords will be provided. If you have your own broadsword or saber (steel or synthetic are fine), please bring it along. Appropriate protective equipment for light sparring will also be required. 

Rashelle DeBolt.jpg

The Height Differential
with Veronica Young

BioVeronica Young's main focuses in HEMA have been threefold: Competing, fostering a better environment for under-represented genders in HEMA, and teaching. Veronica serves as one of the Assistant Instructors at the Atlanta Historical Fencing Academy (AHFA) in Atlanta, GA. She's won several medals in Women's longsword tournaments and consistently places top third in Open Longsword tournaments. She also founded and leads the resource group called 'Arc' at AHFA, for underrepresented genders to promote good club culture and to provide a focused training environment. Veronica has also taught workshops and classes at the Irongate Expo 2022, Mid-Continental HEMA Open 2022, and King’s Cup 2023. More recently, Veronica has combined her passion for fencing and her love of Product Design to start a line of fencing gear for people with breasts in HEMA.

Description: Are you a shorter fencer and always getting hit on the head by taller people? Are you a tall person that’s always getting hit in the arms by shorter people? Do you have trouble when training to get some techniques to work correctly because of your or your training partner's height? This is the class for you! In this class we will go over training methods, fighting methods, and techniques that can help your training and fencing to hopefully use your height to your advantage! We'll be focusing on overall health, distancing, and fencing techniques to use. This class is for all genders and people of all heights, because everyone is shorter than somebody!

EquipmentMinimum of mask and gloves; can come with full kit

Leveraging Your Weakness
with Harriet Coates

Bio: Harriet Coates started HEMA in 2016. With Academy of Arms in Los Angeles she started off in the KDF Liechtenauer style of longsword. She then moved to Phoenix where she is studying Fiore dei Liberi with the Phoenix Society of Historical Swordsmanship.

Description:  In this workshop, we will go over Fiore’s plays that use weakness against strength through low effort grapples and long plays. 

Equipment: mask, gorget, gloves

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