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Fühlen Around
with Rachel Van Dyke

Bio: Rachel was introduced to HEMA in 2014, and is now a multi-time medalist and instructor at SoCal Swords.


Come explore the concept of fühlen! Also called feeling, pressure, or sentiment, this is a skill used all throughout HEMA and other martial arts. We’ll use longsword exercises to bind, wind, and find ways to level up your fühlen. Some longsword experience is recommended, but all skill levels are welcome.

Note: There will be paired drills with thrusting and cutting above the waist.
Required: Mask, Gorget, Longsword 
Recommended: Jacket/Plastron, Gloves, Water
Encouraged: Any additional gear that makes you feel safe and comfortable.

Leverage and the appropriate parry for the situation
with Mira Brinkman

bio : Mira is the newest instructor for Diamond Rose Academie D'armes, a school that was started in 1999 where they primarily teach French rapier fencing, but also dabble in Sabre and Smallsword. She loves learning new fencing techniques and theories and says she never finds that fencing gets old!


Participants will experiment with when to use stronger parries vs. weaker ones and some tactics for how to keep yourself from being overpowered by a stronger or more aggressive opponent.


Required: Mask, Gorget, Sword (preferably Rapier)

Recommended: Jacket/Plastron, Gloves, Water

Encouraged: Any additional gear that makes you feel safe and comfortable.

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Shut Up And Fence!
with Marie Meservy, MD

Bio: Marie is a physician with a Psychology degree and long-time passion for sports and performance coaching. 

In this interactive workshop, we will deconstruct your fears, hone your outlook for success, and take steps to master your mind to allow your body to perform at its best.

Agnostic Sword and Buckler
with Brittany Reeves

A system agnostic approach to the fundamentals of sword and buckler; this class will cover the universal and foundational principles that govern fighting with a sword and buckler, and will provide the groundwork necessary for exploring this weapon set using any historical fencing system. This will be especially helpful for beginners looking to try sword and buckler, and for more advanced practitioners looking for new ways to teach the fundamentals. All skill levels are welcome. Mask, gloves, and gorgets required at minimum. Additional gear is encouraged but not required. Some bucklers and single hand swords will be available to borrow, but BYOBlade/buckler is appreciated.

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