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A world-class HEMA event for women, by women. 

Tournaments in longsword, rapier, smallsword, broadsword, and
broadsword & targe
Single and paired flourish competitions showcasing any historical European weapon
Workshops taught by renowned and up-and-coming female instructors

FrauFecht will always be held Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend. 

Mark your calendar for our next event, August 31 - September 1, 2024!


FrauFecht is the premier HEMA event for women, featuring tournaments found nowhere else in the world. It is hosted by the Noble Science Academy and organized by a committee of women from multiple HEMA schools.

Our mission is to uplift women and give them the very best that HEMA has to offer. This two-day dedicated women's event provides a place for women to compete in multiple weapons, feature as workshop instructors, grow in leadership roles, and make lasting friendships. 

The atmosphere of this event is unapologetically feminine, but men are welcome to tag along and spectate, coach, participate in workshops, free-spar, and judge! Connect with us by email or on social media to find out how you can join our incredible team of volunteers!


We always welcome new sponsors and vendors! Contact us to learn more.

Our Story


FrauFecht takes place at the Carson City Community Center, 851 E. William St, in Carson City, Nevada, 20 minutes away from beautiful Lake Tahoe. The closest major airport is Reno-Tahoe.


  • Steel longsword, steel rapier, steel smallsword, synthetic broadsword and synthetic broadsword & targe tournaments

  • Single and paired 1-minute flourish competitions to showcase any historical European weapon

  • Workshops by Christina Twombly, Alanna Wendt, Anna Beard, and Marie Meservy

  • Opportunities for Free Fencing

  • And more!

Tentative schedule (all times are approximate):

Saturday, August 31, 2024


9:00 – Doors Open
9:30 – Workshop: Versatility and Variability in Fiore with Christina Twombly

10:45 – Workshop: Alanna Wendt
12:00 – Lunch

1:00 – Broadsword Tournament (Pools and Eliminations)

2:10 – Smallsword Tournament (Pools and Eliminations)
4:10 – Broadsword & Targe Tournament (Pools and Eliminations)

5:15 – Broadsword Finals

           Smallsword Finals

           Broadsword & Targe Finals

7:30 Dinner Social

Sunday, September 1, 2024

9:00 – Doors Open
9:30 – Workshop: Ballet For Swordfighters with Anna Beard

10:45 – Workshop: Giving and Receiving Criticism with Marie Meservy
12:00 – Lunch

1:00 – Rapier Tournament (Pools and Eliminations)
3:15 – Longsword Tournament (Pools and Eliminations)
5:15 – Flourish Competition
5:30 – Rapier Finals

           Longsword Finals


There will be ample dedicated indoor and outdoor space for free fencing all weekend!



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